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Apprenticeship Workshops Consultancy
Introducing Apprenticeships to new and existing staff can be daunting and take up valuable time. These workshops cover the complete Apprenticeship Process from understanding the framework content and SFA funding rules, examples and ideas to completing effective reviews and ILPs, ensuring accurate ILR data input to maximise funding, managing subcontracted provision, employer engagement and preparing for the PFA audit visit.

New to Apprenticeships
Robust Reviews
Personal Branding - Building rapport with Employers
Networking for employer engagement
From Contract Management to delivery of the programmes, our broad experience can give you a clear understanding of the expectations, challenges and outcomes of the sector.

Sourcing new bidding opportunities
Writing ITT, PQQ and bid writing
Setting up and managing funded programmes
Managing lead and sub contracted provision
Troubleshooting existing programmes
Developing strategies for commercial income
Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel the Workshops and Consultancy shown can be of benefit to you personally or as a company or organisation.

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